Blue Flower

Who we are:

3G-Intelligence is a leading provider of information management, information technology, and enterprise technology solutions. We commit to deliver the best solution you can find in the market.

We help our clients to identify and enter new markets, while increasing their revenues in the existing markets. With our expertise, we also provide consultancy services to help our clients improve operational performance and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

Our company is built and continued to expand upon the basic belief in our people and processes the wisdom of their experience, the creativity of their ideas, the practicality  of their solutions and the methodology of our firm. Our professionals pride themselves on independent thinking and resourcefulness, timely execution, and responsiveness.  Because of our professional commitment to every client, we continue to foster relationships that stand the rest of time.

With our proved methodology, we believe that we can deliver the information beyond your imagination.


What we do:

We believe that the success of our business is to understand our clients' needs in order to provide a personal, prompt, and professional services, to align with our primary goal: to help position our clients for long-term success.

Our services include the followings:

IT Training (especially in BI & Data Warehouse)
Software Development
Consulting (IT)