Blue Flower

Our Software Development process focuses on the personalized development of application solutions for our clients.

What makes us difference is our state-of-the-art IVDI methodology. The concept consists of four core modules which will be applied to the entire project life cycle.

Initiative: This step is the step where we listen to your problems and identify the best solution
suitable for each industry.

Verification: After resolution has been defined, we will finalize and confirm the idea to make sure the solution is bullet-proof.

Documentation: At this step, we will document all activities we discovered to make sure we can trace it back at later time.

Implementation: The final step is the process where we apply our idea into your business day-to-day's operation.

We use our state of the art IVDI methodology (adapted from SDLC) to support the analysis and design of the application.

Project Management includes primary inputs and deliverables needed to guide a project to successful completion. The tasks of project management are to plan and estimate the project costs, milestones, financials, and resources, to manage risks, issues, quality, and scope, and to control and monitor project progress and status.

Analyze includes primary inputs and deliverables required to plan, identify, analyze, and document the application requirements in terms of technical and functional analysis. Then, abstraction of the application for the application design will be created as a starting point of the project.

Design includes primary inputs and deliverables needed to create the application design from the requirements. The design is aimed to meet quality requirements, technical constraints, and performance requirements of the application.

Build includes primary inputs and deliverables required to refine the application design until it is detailed and concrete for implementation in the next phase. This includes build, test, and integrate all components into an executable application.

Test includes primary inputs and deliverables needed to prepare and execute the Assembly test to ensure all components work correctly when integrated into a complete application, Product test to ensure each application meets functional requirements, Performance test to ensure performance criteria such as response time, availability, and reliability, and User Acceptance test to ensure the application meets user expectations.

Deploy includes primary inputs and deliverables needed to prepare the production and operating
environments for application roll-out to the clients. This phase includes transfer the operating
and maintaining responsibility of the application to the clients.

Product and Service Transformation includes primary inputs and deliverables needed to ensure that the transitioned application has been developed to meet operational requirements and the clients can start using the application from "day one" of the operation.